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Facility Tour

Our state-of-the-art offices, sales area, customer
service & lobby, as seen from US Route 301. A far
cry from the dirty, greasy salvage yards of your
 father's day! Our well landscaped and customer
friendly facility and lounge mean that you can
come in wearing nice clothes, and wait comfortably
while our experienced staff remove them for you.

Arrive clean - and leave clean, if that's what you like!


 Indoor storage of clean & labeled parts inventory 
means you get the parts that you need absolutely
as soon as possible - and in good shape!

Rims? We got 'em! Wheel covers? No shortage!
We have hundreds of domestic and foreign
 wheels and rims ready for off-the-shelf purchase!

At any given time, we have hundreds of
steam-cleaned, engines, transmissions, transfer
cases, rears and other drive train and chassis
components - ready to go out the door. This means
you won't have to wait days for that urgent engine
or trans job.

We have more than 28 acres of American and
Foreign vehicles and parts. . .  and that's just in
our White plains, MD facility! Since we have our own
crusher and recycling facility, we keep a fresh
inventory of newly acquired vehicles.

Our lot isn't full of picked over and parts depleted hulks.
And, if on the unlikely chance we don't have the part
that you need, we will get it for you through our
nationwide network of affiliated used auto parts



You won't have to wander through acres and acres
of cars to find the one that you need. All of our
vehicles are stored in distinct rows and sections
by manufacturer. Our counter staff will give you a
computer printout of the cars matching the
description of what you need - and tell you
exactly where it's located. It couldn't be easier!

You're busy. We are, too. That's why we have
hundreds of doors, hoods, fenders, bumpers & trunk
lids already removed and conveniently stored in racks for instant retrieval... and delivery if you need it!



Whether you need a bumper, a fender, or an
entire front clip, we have them already removed,
and ready to go!

Doors, Doors and more doors! If somebody blows
your doors off, Don't Worry! We've got hundreds of
them! Did somebody say "Doors?"

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